How Do Travel Agents Make Money?


The trade suffered during World War II. However, the Post–World War II financial enlargement in mass-market package deal excursions resulted in the proliferation of travel businesses catering to the working class. A travel training firm qualification or relevant travel agency, retail or sales work expertise can also be helpful. A travel agent’s position is to help people plan, choose and prepare their vacation. They will often work to a budget set out by whoever is planning the holiday. They also offer recommendation and opinions on where to go and native vacationer attractions, events and customs.

  • However, job prospects should be best for travel agents who focus on specific destinations or specific forms of travelers.
  • The major search websites routinely leave out flights and even entire airlines.
  • Now that you simply’re aware of how travel agents generate income, you’ve got to be prepared to start out earning money as a travel agent, stat!